Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread


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3 Feb 2008
Majestic Manchester City

Chelsea? Wycombe on steroids. Shithouse from back to front. How the fuck we lost that final.
Rudiger confirms he’s psychotic . They need to get a grip of the ****.

Unfair to single anyone but Bernardo outstanding.

Pep, different gravy.

And a nice birthday present for me. Happy days.
Much felicitations to you too sir, as we share the same birthday, we can obviously enjoy this one greatly!


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12 May 2011
I really don't like Rudiger, at all he does an awful lot of fouling everything I see him play and generally gets away with it. If Fernandinho behaved like him he would be sent off everytime. Can't abide Azpilicueta either, he is another who fouls at will and moans non stop too.
Rudiger has the same mentality as Chiellini - commit a deliberate foul, put his arm round the fouled player, smile and pretend we're all mates.

M Gaudino

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31 Mar 2021
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Manchester City
look at the bbc website already what 90mins after the game has finished and our victory is buried to 9th story down the homepage with united’s defeat 10th.

If chelsea had won it would be top story still with ‘reaction’

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