Chelsea (A) | Post-Match Thread


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3 Aug 2007
The Sunny Sarrrrf!
For the first time in a while,i'm really looking forward to MOTD.
Was thinking that....then realised it will be all about where Chelsea got it wrong, not how good we were ;)
The rags will be on for about 30secs and glossed over....and most of programme will be a Brentford love in (nothing wrong with that bit tbf).


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5 Nov 2013
Huge win that!

Didnt see the first half but we dominated the second until they went a bit gung-ho ......we cold/should have had more....Jesus missed one, Grealish another but the way we pressed them today I havent seen since Peps first season and it was fantastic to see from the front 5 ...Bernardo Silva ran his ass off and even after 90 mins was down in the left back position clearing up....such a skillful hardworking player.

For me that is our strongest 11 at present. You could argue over the left back and never come up with a definitive answer but Cancello had a fantastic game from what I saw of the second half...

Im so glad we ddint get kane this summer..that press would not have worked with him and Chelsea would have been more in the game can also say the same of Lukaku....he will score goals but he cant press and that performance today by him was very reminiscent of his performances for the rags against us.

Not many (if any) will go to Chelsea this season and get points....they are a very soild team who are hard to break down.

The one noteable bit that we need to improve (and will) is fitness.....we looked dead on our feet after 80mins...that will come however....and the likes f KDB, Foden will get match fit over the next few weeks.

Great weekend with the rags losing in the last couple of mins and penandes missing one from the spot (after he took it off Ronaldo supposedly)

Not today. Our boys ran around like energiser bunnies and as a result, Chelsea just couldnt get out in the first half. That paid rich dividends as their passing deteriorated as a result and allowed us to keep control throughout the game. A few were gassed at the end, but completely understandable given the effort they put in. That was a performance of style, substance and incredible grit. We really wanted it today. Top notch.

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4 Sep 2020
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Can you imagine having to watch the turgid sort of footy Chelsea played again today at home all season?

I can be Pep's biggest critic but at least the guy wants to try and play attacking football, it's easy to forget when things aren't going to plan and I'm as guilty as anyone else.

Come on City!
That's a great point.

Tuchel has been a good appointment for them but he is the new Mourinho. Tedious, safety first football. The equivalent to East European baseline tennis players who keep the ball in court forever and wait for their opponents to make a mistake

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