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Man of the Match

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Akanji has gotten better as the season has gone on. However Ortega kept us in the game with the saves from Palmer and Jackson either side of half time. Best number 2 out there.
Ortega was magnificent and kept us in the game with some fine 1 on 1 shots stopping ... shouts out for Doku whose directness improved the tempo of our attack and Akanji as well who is such an underrated footballer .... we were warriors today and dug it out like champions do ... onwards to Brighton
Ortega for me, not vintage City, but job done, if Jacksons finishing was as good as his build up play we'd have been fucked, fortunately he couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo
Akanji Doku and Ortega, probably in that order. Akanji played the John Stones role extremely well, Doku made a huge impression when he came on. Ortega kept us in it twice and Doku made a huge difference

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