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Gaz in Zurich

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22 Feb 2009
I had it Cancelo,Bernie and Walker, nothing to separate them..but everyone gave a good performance. Mom was hard to pick


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8 May 2013
The team is now back to where they should be ...ontheup I for one am chuffed to FUCK!!!


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10 Jan 2009
Actually agreed with Cancelo, but a great team performance, all were excellent as were the subs and the manager.
Picked Bernie, but Cancelo played a key role in that game in a way that may go unnoticed.

When the ball came to him on the edge of the box, his growing reputation for being able to crack one in caused the defender to overcommit and go to ground. At that, he pulled it onto his left and this led to Jesus ending up with the ball for the goal.

I’ve said it for a few seasons now, but we HAVE TO have an outside the box threat that defences have to close down or we will always face 10 men in the box when we attack.

Recent goals from Rodri & Cancelo, not to mention the constant threat from KDB (on either foot) is helping force defenders to come out and the space they vacate is ripe for exploitation.

For me, he still tries to play too many low percentage passes in the opposition third, or gets caught on the ball trying too much, which can lead to a counterattack. But, he is a brilliant LB/LM option. Possibly the most well rounded in the League.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the RIDICULOUS outside of the right foot pass that he curled in behind their defence for KDB(?) to run on to in the first half.

Had Pogba or even KDB done it, people would be creaming themselves. Haven’t heard about it, so wanted to give it some props!


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26 Dec 2012
Voted for Rodri thought his position
ping today was brilliant. He frustrates the hell out of me though when in other games he also seems to be the wrong side of his man


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31 Aug 2014
So many of the team played so well but I gave it to Rodri. Though he was immense in the middle of the pitch; won so many loose balls and got forward well.

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