Chris Wilder


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13 Jun 2013
Living in Sheffield, his name is coming up more and more and it's getting to the point where he is surely one of the most promising English managers out there, despite being pretty unknown.

As a player he was a complete nobody so he's had to start right at the bottom with a series of none league jobs, but over the past few years he's taken Oxford back into the football league, then taken a relegation threatened Northampton to win League 2, followed by finally getting Sheffield United out of League 1 as the first team to ever get 100 points in that league (after getting 99 points with Northampton the previous year).

Now this year, United are currently sitting 3rd in the Championship playing some pretty decent stuff with a very cheaply assembled, essentially entirely British (and Irish) team. He's been doing a remarkable job everywhere he's been really, if he had a more illustrious playing career he'd surely be getting linked with every PL job that comes available?

Bit random thread I know, but I bumped into him in the chip shop the other day and it got me thinking!


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13 Dec 2016
not at CAS
doing well, but I think more often these days you need the manager to be a good fit to the club and its direction. He would probably do well if Dyche ever left Burnley, but would he be able to get the same effect once he's expected to use £15m players in the PL? You can see from Palace how badly they've struggled when they can't decide on a direction for the team and they then fail to bring in a manager that fits.

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