City’s New Kits - 2022/23

Do you like the new home kit?

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4 Jan 2009
A relative of mine buys the new kits from China every year for his kids. I am yet to see one that is a true replica of the official replica kits. They just look...well fake.
Where the hell is he getting them? Ive fooled the shop with them before. They look perfect. Ive had for years.. issues are 1) fit (although some are better- i get the player versions which are copies of the £100 one) 2) delivery and 3) last year my white away did have etihad and nexen peel off. First time. As it was white i washed alot. But some sellers are bwtter.

Had the home, waiting on the away ti be shipped. Whens the launch of the away? Only heard july.


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9 Oct 2011
Ordered the home shirt off jacamo yesterday £52.50 arrived just free delivery,25% off codes readily available,all sizes available not just us fat fuckers :+)
If you sign up to jacamo through top cashback it says you get another 4% off I got another 46p

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