City launch legal action against the Premier League

Matthew Syed is an utterly despicable ****.
As his disgusting article in today’s Times illustrates.

I read the start of Syed's article and it was such a disingenuous piece of City bingo bullshit that I really couldn't be bothered to go on. Still, even in the short extract of his text that I did see, he betrayed a woeful lack of understanding of the concepts of a 'related party' as commonly referred to in the business world and the PL's new construct of an 'associated party'.

It's embarrassing that these clowns portray themselves as worth listening to on a subject when they so clearly lack any meaningful grasp of the basics. As another example, I remember that joker Tariq Panja on X expounding on football finance and, in doing so, wrongly delineating the purpose and function of a balance sheet. I mean, what the fuck? I know this isn't the point and they're there to shill for one side, not provide an honest or authoritative view of the issues, but even so it's lamentable.
The rule is "any Resolution tabled at the General Meeting must be approved by two thirds of Members who are present and who vote by their Representative or proxy". So abstentions don't count. Looks very clear to me. And has always been the case. Hopeless argument to try and change that and it won't be what City are arguing

I have a question for you. The media constantly sensationalise and misrepresent positions. In your opinion now you've been around them a bit, is this incompetence or dishonesty for attention?

Basically, do they understand that what they are talking about is horseshit?
The term “tyranny of the majority” is really powerful if you step back and think about it. Whereas the media are saying City are using it because they don’t like democracy, just rewind half a century when the tyranny of the majority made homosexuality a crime, those so called criminals were subject to abuse, prison and in some cases medical procedures to “cure them”.

That my friends is an example of the tyranny of the majority.

the only reason to talkshite is to make yourself feel better, you can be having the shitiest day and turn on talkshite and think well i may be having a shitty day but i will NEVER be a backwards inbred fucking halfwitted wanker like these fuckers on here, smile and move on
A propaganda machine for the armchair window lickers, as one of my old teachers used to say, don’t put you hand up if you don’t know the answer
That fucking scruffy **** snake eyed weasel from the sun on SSN late last night absolutely talking utter shit about MCFC. Never seen or heard of him before what a poisonous disgusting individual. The UK media eh ! I hope we destroy these cunts and their red cartel paymasters once and for all !!!
Charlie Wyett, used to be their Tennis reporter years ago before he got the Football gig.His appearance and employer would hold any opinion he gave and genuine validation.
I would love to show every reporter who's lambasted us this week a picture of the famous red cartel restaurant get together and ask them for a comment.
Probably say they're there to "save the game"
Alex Crook is a Rags fan mate. I'd be more trusting of whatever comes out of Vladimir Putin's mouth than whatever Crook says.
"Transfer guru" that gets his "sources" off whatever Fabrizio/Ornstein posts on Twitter.

Crook is absolutely clueless, and comes off strongly as a prick. Just gives me the kind of vibe that no one in his workplace really likes him.
Why are the Premier League and Uefa trying to stop the investment with owners like City and Newcastle it makes no sense, You would have thought the Premier League would love the best players in the world playing in the league to sell their TV rights.

Club Power from the Scum and their fear-mongering and threatening the smaller clubs to vote against City or we cut them off by getting smaller pieces of the pie,

This has to Stop and the Premier League members need to wake up and see they don't need United or Liverpool.
The so-called smaller clubs are the real reason the Premier League is the greatest League in the world because of them, Without them the romance is dead,

Wake you and smell the coffee, United and Liverpool don't care about you and use you to milk the league

The pl is on the route to self struck. The 3 red tops +1 have way to much say with their muppit Masters.
They want a closed shop to protect their income and lack of investment.

Why other clubs can't see this and what's been put in place to stop Newcastle I really don't understand.

There is absolutely no point in buying a pl football club, when you can't invest what you think is needed to make your club successful. I don't really understand why Newcastle was bought. Newcastle seem to be in a worst position now even with mega rich owns than they were under sports direct.

These American owners want fucking off

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