City launch legal action against the Premier League

As you said they are stuck between a rock and a hard place with the email request, unless they are 100% squeaky clean which is hugely unlikely there will either be emails suggesting a level of collusion or maybe even worse for them gaps in the emails.
Can we charge them with non cooperation with their own case!
There will not be any emails that do any damage to the premier league
They will not hand them over or will pretend they don’t exist

That being said, it only gives city more ammunition if they don’t submit them, or if upon receipt it becomes clear they have not submitted the whole lot and have therefore acted in bad faith

Me personally I would get any emails that land that remotely show collusion or bad faith and I would immediately leak them.
Time to start fighting dirty
Leak them to who?
Or should that be whom? I never know the difference.
I think it would be very difficult to get damages if we were acquitted of the 115. The PL would maintain they were just doing their job. We would need to show bad faith. Perhaps the emails disclose something, otherwise we could be whistling in the dark.

Just to be clear, I have no legal knowledge of such issues and this is a question, certainly neither a statement or informed opinion....

Could Etihad have a strong case for taking legal action as they could claim, for example, by stating their reputation has been damaged due to their name dragged through the mud with, what they consider, to be inadequate evidence? After all, they have been accused of fiddling their accounts.
All it takes is for any of those emails with a hint of deliberate bias, bad faith or worse to have been forwarded, copied into or sent to a subsequently "disgruntled" ownership that have now sent them to, or been acquired by Citys ownership. Should the disclosure of any of that not be forthcoming, the PL leave themselves wide open. Would they be prepared to take the risk we don't have proof of anything they may deliberately withhold? Who knows? Its a risky strategy. I would suggest its likely if the damage to the PL from the fallout of any release is as big as we suspect it might be. Its all conjecture and supposition at his point so I'd rather deal with facts as we know them.

Its very quiet isn't it?

Is no news good news?

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