City's New Initiative


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27 Nov 2005
Droylsden, Manchester
I realise it's a one off to publicise it but I despair at the people at our club who seem to think this is what the fans want
Face painting
Blue Led lanterns
Brass bands

It's a no from me let's just go back to being a football club and forget all this pre fabricated crap


Having worked closely with Manchester City Council, the improved designated walking route from the city centre to the Etihad will relaunch with a special sustainable walk to the match before the Everton game.

Join us at the meeting point at 4.15pm on Pollard Street opposite the Ibis hotel, with the walk beginning at 4:25pm. Mr Wilson’s Second Liner’s Brass band will lead the way as will our two matchday presenters. There will be an opportunity to hold one of our walk to the match flags or blue LED lanterns and you will be able to get your game face on with one of our face painters who will also be present.


14 Jun 2010
You'd be surprised at how many people do want it/like it. Even if it's none of us.

Plus I don't think the club is interested in just being a football club. I do understand how some of our older or more conservative (values not the party) fans might find it somewhat gauche however.


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24 Dec 2005
I knew there had been discussions on here about fans organising a march to the ground, but this seems to come out of the blue.I wouldn't knock it till it has been tried but many fans are stuck in their ways so who knows if it will be successful or not. It might have been better doing it for the Port Vale game. People are quick to pour scorn on new ideas if some fans get enjoyment out of it who are we to judge

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