City's New Kits - 2019/20


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1 Sep 2008
whats the sizing like mate? the same as nike?
I'd say the sizing is similar to the umbro ones to be honest (or the player issue Nike ones). I always found the sizing on the Nike stadium shirts to be baggy and ill fitting (but I'm quite slim, so I prefer a more fitted shirt, which this is). Maybe not great news for our more cuddly fans! lol


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19 May 2012
It won’t bomb, no new shirts ever do.

But if Puma and City think the tills will be ringing with shirt sales, they are mistaken.

It amazes me what they can see in a shirt, that we the customer can’t.

No doubt Puma did numerous bullet point presentations of the shirt to the club, along with fan feedback, to convince the club to go with this shirt.

1 day we will go back to a simple blue and white home shirt, that every City fan wants, and will probably buy?

So it won't bomb but City fans won't buy it, so who exactly will buy it.

Last season, unless my eyes deceived me, when the weather was fine a lot of fans wore the kit. The one everyone hated because of the sleeves or the trim or the angle of the badge or the font used for the sponsor or whatever nonsense someone comes up with to hate the kit.

Whilst I don't buy them, they look fine. The kits always look fine.

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