Classic Rock (Phil Collins lives, run for the hills)


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28 Feb 2007
Taking it one game at a time
Given complaints about the hijacking of the Greatest Albums thread following the appearance of the mighty Rush, it seemed like a good idea to start a thread for those of us with a discerning taste for real music.

So if crashing power chords, rocking riffs, burbling synths, majestic music or musicians in spandex and make-up are your thing, this is the place to share your thoughts, likes, loves and experiences.

Rock on Tommy.
Thank you OB1
I’ll definitely be a regular contributor.
And for you Bill - did you know Yes have released the following track from new album”The Quest”. It sounds better than anything on the woeful Heaven and Earth.
Cheers OB1, hope lots of new music and bands get posted here too as well, to give us new things to listen to as well some good old classics. It's all good we just can't all like everything.:)
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Nice one! As much as I also love Indie and punk bands etc, Classic Rock was my first love.

And if anyone is interested in Classic Rock the magazine, due to downsizing soon, I am selling my collection.
It's every edition from issue one to current. Several CDs included... its listed on Ebay, but pm if interested.
For years I have tried, I've really tried and without any success. I have a few LP's (CD's) and to no avail....I cant get into YES.
I've only started listening recently, liking Yes Album, Close to the edge, but think Fragile is best. Liked Drama too but didn't enjoy either Topographic Oceans far too self indulgent, nor Relayer. Tried a couple of the recent ones but wasn't keen either.
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Best Rock band I've ever seen....,.Deep Purple
Best prog Rock band I've ever seen ......Yes
Interesting definition there Bill. I’ve never got into Purple but do appreciate their music.
Jon Lord was a classically trained pianist I believe and he brought such texture to the sound.
Great Vocals with Gillan too.
I did watch a documentary on Sky recently about the making of a recent album and enjoyed that.

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