Clive Sinclair of C5 fame just died


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10 Sep 2008
As if personal electric vehicles ever had any, where did I put that scooter!


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3 Jan 2019
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Genuinely quite sad to hear about this. I do think in years to come he will be regarded as one of Britains most influential people in the modern era

Whilst the thread mentions the C5, it's a bit disrespectful to think that is what he should be remembered for. He invented the ZX Spectrum and the UK owes a substantial part of its IT industry to Sir Clive.

In the 1980s he made the first popular, cheap, home computer and if you're of a certain age there's pretty much a guarantee you learnt to program computers on a ZX Spectrum. His invention created the first bedroom programmers and they wrote games, without any training. He helped to create a new industry.

The Spectrum is as iconic as the Mini. Growing up in the 80s, the British made Spectrum introduced BASIC to kids. The rubber let's, the style and the cost were all exceptional

Of course as an eccentric innovator Sir Clive ventured into many areas, some not as great as the Spectrum. However, when I see the popularity of escooters to get around town, he had the idea of small electric vehicles decades ago. He was genuinely ahead of his time.

Thanks Sir Clive for providing me with the opportunity to get into programming, to go to University and enjoy a career in a fascinating industry. I say that on behalf of thousands upon thousands of others who benefitted enormously from his far sighted genius. I meet them regularly.

RIP Sir Clive. Might have a game of Manic Miner or Football Manager tonight!

10 PRINT "RIP Sir Clive"
20 GOTO 10

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