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  1. Ric


    22 May 2004
    A word from Damocles:

    Regarding #Cloudbleed

    As you may have heard, a serious security issue has recently been discovered in the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network. CloudFlare is a company that has servers in cities all over the world, the point of this is that instead of visiting Bluemoon in a single location, it will give you the page from the server closest to you which speeds up the site. CloudFlare is wildly popular among major internet sites and compromises near 6% of total internet traffic.

    Although Bluemoon uses CloudFlare and we are listed in places as a site that was vulnerable to attack, this is not true. We are listed as a vulnerable site because of the simplistic way they have determined this (by tagging all CF sites). However the bug which leaks data from encrypted connections requires activating a bunch of features that we do not have active.

    When designing the infrastructure that BM runs upon, data security has always been our primary concern and this affects every decision we make, including what features we use. Your data remains safe and unaffected by this latest bug.

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