Club Brugge (A) - CL - Post-Match Thread

Zin 'messiah' Zimmer

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6 May 2009
over the rainbow
That Cole Palmer is going to be some player, discuss.
What a team performance that was, should've been ten easily more gilt opportunities missed again but it didn't matter tonight.
Foden motm, those passes in the first half top drawer. Sterling is now at crisis point in front of goal, he needs a goal asap
Blueprint from pep already established for Cole, I’m
Excited by the integration as the nurture of his talent can be gradual and we could have a class of 92 on our hands, as there are more to come.... I think, personally, this is what will help us to retain Pep further, imagine he has 3/4 of the lambasted academy competing for honours in 2/3 years time, dreamland for him, the owners and most importantly, us!

Manx Blue

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21 Jan 2010
A cracking performance. I just wish we'd taken some of the missed chances. Sterling's confidence colud have been boosted imeasurably if he'd taken his opportunity.


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8 Jan 2010
Sublime football, that's why most teams park the bus against us, no-one comes close toe to toe.

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