Coefficient points - Pot1? Not that soon...


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20 Mar 2011
Our Coeff points that count now:

20.0000 (08-09, ending with the Hamburg tie)
3.5856 (09-10, no EL/CL thanks to Sparky's 10. place)
16.6714 (10-11, EL group + 1/32 and 1/16 finals ending with Kijev)
20.0500 (11-12, CL group, then EL 1/32 and 1/16 finals ending with Sporting)
8.9714 (12-13, CL group and probably nothing else)

(Add them up it is now ~69.2)

The basic rule that for a year they add up last 5 years coeff. points.
Next year they add up also the last 5 years so the oldest (5th) point value wont be counted.

You can see how much it counts the year when we werent in Europe (09-10).

We had that year in our coeff calculation in last year, the year before, this year and it will be in next years too and after that one more year until it goes out of the "system" (5 years...).

We can see also that when we ended up losing to Hamburg that still got us 20 points without CL.We got the same with CL last year because the Hamburg match was a 1/8 finals.
(also it is important to win both matches in a tie that is lot better than you go trough against someone but lose once and win once with more goals...)

We still got about 4 points for not being in Europe as that was an English average that year which was given all the English teams.

So far this seasons CL fiasco got us only about 9 points. (Btw with it and with Chelsea going out we made the English average lower but who cares about that now...)

The problem with this 9 points that is in the system for 13/14, 14/15, 15-16, 16-17, 17-18 every season...

The CL seeding will be done next time by the order of 2013/2014--->the previous 5 years added up points.

So the 5 seasons I wrote in top of my post, right now that is ~70 points.

For Pot1 you need around 100 points but at least 95.

But the problem is the next. We give 9-10 points to the total this year. That will be 70 points for us next season calculation. Depending on which teams qualify for CL in their countries it can be Pot 2 or Pot 3.

(This year we were Pot 2 with 63 points, but Ajax was Pot 3 with 58 points, Olympiakos Pot 3 with 61, very close...)

For 2013/2014 we might be in Pot 2 again. We have to hope teams with better coeff wont qualify (Like Inter, Lyon, Arsenal, Milan, Marseille as they have some chance finish outside CL places in their country...)

But 2014/2015 will come also another seeding but than our coeff. points comes into the system from 13/14 but the Hamburg tie year will go out which was one of the best performance recent years with 20 points.

So 70 minus that 20 points plus as much as we get in 13/14. If it is less than 20 points we are under 70 points. Not a science.

If we would get 30 points for that we really need a semifinal in EL at least and we still only would have 80 points in total gor 2014/2015. That is still only Pot 2 but a a more comfortable place in Pot 2.

We need to improve our record in Europe to get close to Pot 1.

If Mancini doesnt loses to Kijev, Sporting, making out of CL group last year and this year too or gettin into EL and reach 1/8 or 1/4 finals now we would be in a place very close to Pot 1.

Realistically now we mad that bad result last 2 years + this year so Pot 1 is possible from around 2015/2016 or more likely the next two season after that.

But with mentality EL is shit, dont get into that, as it will limit our chances in the league and if we are in in we still lose to teams that arent as good as we with inferior squads compared to ours even 2016/2017 is an optimistic bet for being Pot 1 team.

We are paying this price for last years failings, the CL groups fiascos and not gettin into EL this season is only makes it even worse.


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20 Feb 2008
What ever pot we are in, we seem to get the toughest draw from all the other pots. Dortmund Pot 4 FFS. Year before, 7 average teams and Napoli in Pot 4, we get Napoli.

What ever pot we are in (assuming we qaulify), next year i look forward to Barcelona, PSG, Juventus and City in group b :)-

Skip Donoghue

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20 Jun 2009
Don't matter which pot we end up in, there will always be a tough group and it wouldn't surprise me to see us in it no matter what,
Pot 2 didn't exactly do us any favors this year, as you could argue we had a tougher group than last season and we were in pot 3 for that

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2 Sep 2007
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The next thing that'll happen is the scoring system will change so as city can be kept hindered. City are totally unwelcome, the astonishingly improbable draws we've had prove that, keep it in mind.


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7 Nov 2010
Doesn't really matter what pot your in or how many points you have the more I think about it.

Look at our group this year and Chelsea's for example. We could have been pot 1 and got Shaktar and Juventus.

Deepest Blue

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20 May 2010
Always nasty surprises lurking in each pot.

Lower pots last couple of years included Napoli, us, Dortmund, PSG, Ajax, Celtic and Malaga so only the fortunate or chosen teams get "easy" draws.

Even from pot 1 you can end up with a bag of sh1te if thatks what the Football Gods decree.

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