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    30 Apr 2008
    Paul Ince: Paul Robinson - a joke and a liability
    Mark Hughes: Joe Hart - Easily the best young keeper in the country

    Paul Ince: Ooijer, Samba, Nelson, Warnock, the Georgian, Danny Simpson
    Mark Hughes: Micah Richards, Dunne, Onouha, Zabaletta, Garrido, Tal Ben Haim (£5m)

    Paul Ince: Tugay (102 years old), Fat Dunn, injured Stephen Reid, Pederson, Keith Andrews, Treacy
    Mark Hughes: Kompany, Hamman, injured Johnson, injured Petrov, Elano, Ireland, SWP, Gelson

    Paul Ince: Santa Cruz (who has virtully given up playing until Jan), Roberts, Fowler, Derbyshire, McCarthy
    Mark Hughes: Robinho (you know, one of the best player in the world, 32m etc), Benjani, Vassell, Sturridge (besxt young striker in the country), Evans (great prospect).

    Paul Ince (spent circa £10m maybe - at a guess)
    Mark Hughes (spent circa £50m)

    Paul Ince: No young players of much note apart from Bentley. Best players are old and a year slower.
    Mark Hughes: Several top class young prospects who should be a year older and better compared to last year.

    Paul Ince: took over a team that has lost probably its two best players (freidal and bentley) and not got the money to replace them.
    Mark Hughes: took over team that has only lost one player (Charlie) and replaced him with an Argie international. On top of this has brought in over £50m of extra talent

    Paul Ince: backwater club, expected to struggle, empty ground.
    Mark Hughes: club expected to do well on all fronts, be a very serious challenger for Uefa and possibly 4th Champ league place and to capitalise on an excellent young squad.

    Paul Ince: Unfailing public support from players
    Mrk Hughes: Some public support from players, some maoning from Elano, constant rumours of unrest

    Paul Ince: 12 points
    Mark Hughes: 18 points

    Paul Ince: League Cup Qtr finals - out to best team in the country
    Mark Hughes: Out to Brighton at the first hurdle

    Paul Ince: No European football
    Mark Hughes: two good Euopean performances (Twente and Schalke). through to last 32.

    So, which one of these is judged to be in an untenable position at this stage in the season?
  2. It's fair to say that Blackburn will be in the mire all season due to all of the reasons you've posted above. And City will slowly drag themselves up the table for all the reasons you've stated above. So, I would guess that's why Ince got sacked and Hughes will at least 50 million pounds to spend in January...
  3. JohnMaddocksAxe


    30 Apr 2008
    I know.|It's just interesting to see the general public perception, based on circumstances that are beyond either manager's control really (ie: what overall shape the club is in and it's potential).

    I feel sorry for Ince really. What did they expect him to do? Slightly better than this, yeah. Not much though.

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