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22 Aug 2021
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I am a big supporter of vaccination and am double jabbed but you are correct. Being double jabbed doesn't stop you getting Covid and infecting other people. The research has shown that being fully vaccinated prevents around 50 per cent of people getting Covid and reduces the chance of being hospitalised by 95 per cent. That's great and shows it is well worth getting vaccinated but the concept of a passport is clearly flawed if you can still pass on the virus. This policy will just give ammunition to the anti-vaxxers and make people even more polarised than they are now.
Anti vaxxers are barking mad, you can’t reason with an idiot.


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13 Jun 2011
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Double jabbed father in law tested positive this Morning which is a worry as he has a heart problem, I'm about 8 weeks in with suffering from a chronic cough and coughing green mucus up, this is the 3rd time since I had Covid the first time back in May of last year and again in February this year I've ended up with a chest issue that just will not clear, courses of antibiotics don't touch it, I just have to stand in the shower for half an hour everyday to get rid of some of the mucus, smell still hasn't come back from the first time round either, I genuinely wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I was relatively fit and healthy before this but it's definitely done something drastic to my chest.


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8 Jul 2015
I only actually click on this thread when I see that you have posted. Relaying these stories to the wife makes my day.
I can’t believe people actually react this way to somebody dying. What the fuck has happened to this world. He has a family for fuck sake, yes he made a huge mistake but that doesn’t mean we should be fucking celebrating the fact he died saying it makes your day etc.

There is now three children without a dad and despite what he wrongly believed I still feel compassion for his family.

Posts like yours truly sicken me.


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31 Oct 2010
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