Coronavirus (2022) thread

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010

behind a paywall unfortunately but calls to scrap Covid data updates as fears people are becoming addicted to them.

really, who are these people ??????!?,
The figures are still important to those managing the pan/en-demic.

The figures aren’t important to those who have pandemic fatigue. Those people need to step away and return to their lives asap as much as they can. (Including posting on here.)

It seems bizarre to me that the person posting regular information gets hounded off this thread, leaving it open to Covid/Vax deniers to post whatever information they’ve found on twitter posted on the back of a fag packet.

Science was and continues to be the way out of the pandemic.


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16 Nov 2021
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I see you liked his post. Perhaps you can actually explain why my comment was pathetic?

It’s because it’s hysterical and overly emotional on your part as you have decided because you don’t agree on something to make it personal.

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