Coronavirus (2022) thread

i kne albert davy

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29 Aug 2010
Know quite a few got it just now including Daughter and Son in law, hope to God Grandson doesn't pick it up hes not 2 yet. This craps not gone away its just lurking in the shadows, fortunately as a national we seem to have a degree of immunity now.


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13 Oct 2010
My wife’s Mum has got it

Went to bed fine, then woke middle night shivering, sweating and feeling rather Ill- she’s unable to get out of bed so far and has tested positive


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1 Oct 2020
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Morning folks.
Tested positive this morning. Coughing loads last few days and mrs had positive test on Monday.

Have any diabetics on here had it? I’m vaccinated and boosted, but I’ve read it can cause issues with people who have diabetes and other illnesses.


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12 May 2013
It can but as long as you are careful your risk is not likely to be any greater than others of it becoming serious. Which mosty it does not. Many of the cases are only beng picked up by testing when they are ill for other reasons.

I have avoided posting unless or until any thread was recreated but numbers are currently higher than they have ever been in the past two and a half years. Zoe says 4,506,460 in the UK have Covid as of yesterday. Though North West has the lowest numbers in the whole UK.

They are the only ones still doing daily updates now as most government data is weekly at best or not even that.

Deaths are rising especially in the 60 - 75 ages that have not had a booster for 6 -8 months or so.

531 died in England hospitals last week - quadruled in a month. Though well down on past big waves despite the highest ever case numbers so the Omicron variant is still nothing like as deadly as pre vaccines.

Better news is that England hospital patients finally seem to be levelling off. These were up just 66 yesterday to 13,807 - previous week it was up 409 on the same day and 341 the week before.
Those on ventilators are rising too - up 50 in the past week to 282 after a rise of 21 from 211 the week before. But again these are below the levels of even the first Omicron wave six months or so ago. When with similar patient numbers between 300 and 400 were on ventilators. So the vaccines are clearly helping mitigate the risks a bit though not quite as dramatically as they were

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