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    In the cricket club at Burnley away
    So the guy who normally gives me a lift to work has booked the day off today which meant I had to get the bus. Well 2 buses - one into town and one to Trafford Park. I’m not sure what others made of the green latex gloves I’m wearing but luckily both buses weren’t too busy and I managed to find a seat that constitutes a safe distance from other passengers. While walking across to catch my second bus in Piccadilly Gardens I noticed a couple of signs up in the window of Greggs. One stated that they’re now only taking card payments and the other was requesting that customers stand 2 metres apart. From what I could see when looking over it didn’t look like the latter was being adhered to at all.
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    The Mrs came up with what I thought was a good analogy. This virus kills people at random; it is a mindless killer which can strike anyone at random.

    If a mindless killer was on the loose with a gun, shooting people as per Tunisia, would people stay out for a casual walk in the sunshine? No they would be running for cover and locking themselves indoors. And yet the COVID-19 mindless killer is out there, randomly killing people, but some people are swanning around without a care in the world?
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    stunned, dazed and still can't quite believe it!!
    Isn't a score 20 rather than 3?

    @SWP's back genuine question regarding the stock markets, heard again today that the markets in the far east have all plummeted again today, can i ask why they can't or weren't frozen at the start of the crisis? Is that even allowed and if it did would it have any affect? As you can tell it's something i know very little about.


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    First workday of with self isolation feels odd as we all feel fine , and abit like we are pulling a fast one. Doesnt feel right phoning in when feeling ok. We have to do as we are told. My lad has had closed contact with someone who has showed symptoms and is self isolating, and she stayed in our house 24 before.
    I think this the hardest thing as we all feel fine but cant work for another 10 days. I guess we are all abit worried about how are employer's will react , but we have to follow governments guidelines. Seems impossible to get a 'sicknote', as i cant find any information on what to do. Some say phone NHS111 and than other advice says only NHS111 if you think you have the virus etc. Confusing times
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    After a weekend of pretty successful social distancing which is no mean feat with a demanding 2 year old who is full of energy and a 9 year old who is already missing her school friends, im back in the office at work today with around 500 people in the building alone.

    Ive noticed at least 2 people already in this morning who were in early last week and then self isolating during the latter period, now im no maths wizz but im not sure how they've managed 7/14 days self isolating by Monday morning at 8:30am.

    These are the kind of idiots I presume a vast majority of us are dealing with, bring on lockdown
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    23 Sep 2010
    The problem with this is that you would have no liquidity in the markets and more than likely all income payments would need to be stopped which if you rely on income from your fund, you would be knackered.

    it does happen in certain sectors. The Property funds (not sure if all but most) have suspended trading in their funds. What this means is that you cannot take any money out of that fund. Theoretically, if the fund was worth £100m and the valuer at the end of the suspension only values the properties at £80m ( Not unlikely given the circumstances), then when the fund opens, you have lost 20% of your value.

    Even if markets could be frozen, the same would apply. When it opens it would not be beyond the realms of possibility to see your investments down by 20% or more. Had they been able to do it on day one then 40% or more from those levels. It therefore defeats the object.

    What they should have done is ban short selling where people are making money from shares that are falling in value.

    Some firms and individuals will walk away from this crisis (if they don’t die) extremely wealthy.

    When Sterling collapsed in 1992, George Soros made £1bn from short selling it.
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    In the cooler
    Just enjoy the break fella fuck your employers
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    7 Apr 2010
    sankey bridges warrington
    Could be about to be extended by 4 weeks very soon according to morning reports.
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    18 Apr 2009
    Curiously a poll taken by the equivalent of the Telegraph shows that more than 50% are dissatisfied with the government's handling of the crisis.

    They think the PM should have done more!

    Given that Spain has been the strictest country in Europe, my question is,
    Who'd be a politician?

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