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31 Oct 2010
My personal view is any type of lockdown would be low down the list of possible solutions. Here is a very high level overview.

I would prefer to see a solution whereby all the money we're currently spending on saving businesses, being spent on protecting the the vulnerable people that need shielding = this by providing intensive support through various means.

I would tell all Businesses (Hospitality, Hairdressers, shops, offices etc,,,to remain open but to deploy effective Covid 19 safe strategies.... entry/exit controls, masks, social distancing, working from home etc...

I would advise the younger people (say under 60's) that they should continue to work but look after themselves and take care and stay safe, this way I would hope the virus would transfer around that community and be kept away from the older generation and care homes and hospitals,

The money that was saved by not paying job protection and furlough etc.... I would ensure through investment, that there were first class quick turnaround testing facilities available to:

Care Homes
anyone that was symptomatic,

This might have to stay in place for six months or maybe more but the essence would be the country would continue working and generate revenue that would pay taxes and wages.

to continue locking down in the hope we will rid ourselves of the virus is in my opinion pointless, it will keep coming back and we will be in this position forever and a day until a vaccine is found, this is something that I believe is totally unrealistic. The public just wont accept it.
Sadly you can't keep the virus out of the homes and care hones where the vulnerable live.
200k+ deaths in addition to what we've had if we let the virus rip.
You can however stand a chance of isolating the infected till they are well again. So call for volunteers to be infected. After a heath check send them to holiday camps or hotel clusters for 2 and a half weeks starting with a low metered dose of the virus, followed by free food, £125 of free drink tokens and dancing and the like.
Some people will still get very ill. But very few will die. A hell of a lot less than what is happening at the moment for sure.
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16 Sep 2012
Mate you or I could roll up outside the supreme court in white coats with a TV camera.

Personally I haven't watched it. It's from OAN, who after a bright start as a news source, have amassed a recent history of publishing palpably false stories and conspiracy theories favoured by right wing political movements. They've gotten so bad, they are even banned from use as a wikipedia source.
The platform used and thumbnail looked highly suspicious!

Thanks for confirming my gut feeling they were bad.


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3 Dec 2013

Your table proves that larger countries have higher death rates.

Fuck me, what a surprise.

And looking at just the last 14 days? Jesus, that's weak.

Now. Try again, total per capita deaths.

I first thought you were just thick. Now it's obvious you're dishonest.
What gives you the right to be obnoxious to other posters just because you dissagree with their view point?


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1 Feb 2011
My heart goes out to all of you who have been badly affected by this awful situation we find ourselves in. Some of the posts have genuinely made me shed a tear or two. It must be fucking terrible to see a loved one pass because of this, weather directly or indirectly. Or a son or daughter struggling with being shackled. Or losing your job. Or worrying about your own health. Or all the other stuff that would take too long to list.
Its really strange that since lockdown my own issues with depression and alcohol have taken a bit of a back seat while I try to keep my parents safe. Im kind of hoping this shit will make us better people going forward.
It doesnt really matter what you think of boris or any of the other experts. What matters is how we treat our loved ones, and other people. In that respect we shouldnt need governing.
Im hoping this will become a bit of a leveller. Ive started to try and help others, instead of not giving a fuck. Not giving a fuck is easy. But caring about others and going out of your way is so rewarding.
Stop listening to people who think they are better than you because they wear a tie and live in london. If they were that smart they would be living in florida playing golf everyday. They are just bullshitters who normally dont really have to do a lot, they are not used to being held culpable. Dont be suprised when they bumble about fucking up at every turn. As a nation we decided that boris was the man to lead us. A man who regularly appeared on panel shows and was lampooned relentlessly. A very clever man, but not a leader. He couldnt wire a plug or put up a shelf. He would electrocute himself or put a nail in a pipe.
This isnt a political rant, its a humanist one. Look after your loved ones, make sure they are safe. Give them good advice. Advice you follow yourself. Dont worry about tiers, traffic lights, eat out to help out etc. Fuck all that. Dont worry about idiots mass gathering. Just take the measures needed to keep you and your family alive and stay safe. If we all do that (us decent people) then we will reap what we sow.
Sorry for the interruption im upset tonight


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1 Feb 2011
Bollocks, gyms have been about for as long as I can remember and I’m in my 50’s. As for your comment on mental health then all I can say is you’re a twat.
Yes i fucked up with the gym historics, i meant to say they werent as prolific/ popular as they are today.
As for your insult, i cant really argue with that, i am indeed a twat, especially when it comes to dealing with knobheads. But having said that, i wouldnt turn into a nervous wreck if my gym wasnt open.

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