Covid and travel discussion


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25 Nov 2008
I don't believe so?

New, slightly relaxed, rules kick in from Monday 4th.
I think there will be a red list review next Weds/Thurs as part of the normal 3 week cycle.
The government are still being coy about when the return 'day 2' PCR test may change to an antigen, with it still slated for ''end of October''. They may clarify that next week. They may not.

Already getting reported that the antigen tests are gonna be around the £30 mark so the change from PCR to antigen makes little difference financially.

I'm going to Rhodes tomorrow and I am not buying a day 2 test; they are not scamming me out of more money after the last one never even turned up.
I have just come back from Kefalonia and used the codes for my day two tests from Corfu in July on my plf form
Hey presto they worked and I’m home
£100 better off


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10 Aug 2011
Arrived in Portugal today , checked all docs at man airport then checked all again at faro
I did a antigen test on sunday at dam health stretford 29 quid, when the nurse opened the test i asked him if it was a nhs free test that he was using , surprise surprise it is the free ones they use but we have to pag 29 quid for , i have a box of the free ones at home
Basically your just giving your money to these corrupt twats now, its not even about a deadly irus anymore


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28 May 2008
John Soper on BBC reporting USA is pulling back on lifting restrictions and it is now unlikely they will lift the ban on UK travellers in November.


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21 Dec 2013
Looks like day 2 PCR test, returning to the UK, is on the cards to be scrapped later in October

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