Covid outbreak | Pep is back, new positive cases (pg 39)


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19 Jan 2015
The best result will be draw, no way Having covid right now means having more rest which is good for the player. No it isn't, it's affecting them more because like you said less intensity training and preparation for chelsea game.
??? We'll win by least a two goal margin


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5 Jun 2009
Inevitable there would be an outbreak, if the main one happens now and clears up before Chelsea that's the best possible time for it to happen. Obviously depends who has it but should have enough to get through the tie with whats available, some kids might miss out, some kids might be thrown in, some players we want to rest might have to play but it's better to get it played now.

My only concern is more are found positive tomorrow and they postpone it after the majority of us have already set off, it has to be called off today or it goes ahead regardless.

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