Daft things Dad said about City when you was a kid

Harlaching Sky Blue

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8 Jul 2009
Just a thought, I was thinking about some of the stupid things my old man said about City when I was young that I believed, interpreted or understood daftly.
Im sure Im not alone, and some of youse will have had similar experiences of your ancestors, exaggerating, truth twisting or down right bloody lying about the Blues! Thought itd be fun to share the stories, either of their porky pies or the bonkers way we dealt with them..

My old man used to tell me to take my boots in case City were short I might get a game. He told me that they used to pick players out of the crowd to play if someone got injured. I took my boots to every game until I was about 9 and then realized it was rubbish.

The also told me the groundsmen used to stick the forks in the pitch at half time to make divets that the opposition would trip over!

Also I remember he told me when Bert broke his neck, I actually thought Bert´s neck had completely snapped off. I had a vision until I was about 6 of him playing in net, with his head under his arm!

Any more.

the blue panther

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6 May 2010
Still dreaming
My dad was a blue and he played for Manchester boys in the late 30's and he used to always say to me and my brothers,"...I'd have played for City, bar for't war...."
He regaled us with tales about old players, and Trautmann and Frank Swift in particular - saying how Centre Forwards would tremble in fear when Swiftey came out to the end of the box to meet them, and he used to say that Swift's hands were as big as frying pans.
Happy days. He died in 1989 - lucky old sod - he didn't have to see the following thirty years of shite that me and my brothers put up with, thanks to him!
What a bastard, hey!!
Not :-)


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12 Sep 2009
Middle Earth
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Manchester City F.C. from Maine Road
My old man RIP, was a Liverpool fanatic .... I had some really bad teenage years in 80's.... :)


24 Feb 2020
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From the other end of the telescope: City v Blackpool in 2010 around Christmas, charity collection in a tin going on as we walked up to the Etihad. A wee lad says "Ey Dad, is that for the City players' wages?"

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