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  1. I didn't know your situation when I posted the OP.
  2. MikeF


    22 Sep 2008
    Somewhere between the hac, konspiracy and the thun
    I find it quite fascinating for some bizarre reason when cloud hosting, IIRC etc etc are mentioned and find myself nodding my head sagely at the screen as if I know what the hell you're talking about when in reality it's just utter mumbo jumbo to me

    Anyhows, just to say thanks to all those who put the hard work in and it's greatly appreciated by most, if not all, on here

    I think some people just like having hissy fits for the sheer hell of it sometimes
  3. the--dud


    18 Jun 2009
    I'll try to explain cloud computing simply, to the best of my understanding of course.
    With conventional web hosting you pay for servers and bandwidth. You either own or rent the server but in essence it's your responsibility and you own it.
    For Bluemoon that might cause problems if your requirements suddenly increase. It means you need more servers and bandwidth, and very often you need to change your configuration. Sometimes you'll need more load-balancing and networking gear as well.

    With cloud computing a company like Google or Amazon will setup a huge data centre often with tens of thousands of individual servers all linked very closely together. In many ways they will act as "one" massive super computer.
    They will then offer you a type of "pay-as-you-go" service. You pay for how much processing, memory, network (etc etc) resources you use.

    The advantage is of course that it will scale almost infinitely without you having to do anything (apart from paying more), and the scaling will happen in REAL-TIME.
    Imagine (or dream) if City won the Champions League final next year and Bluemoon got invaded with 1 million users desperate to post ;) Within milliseconds "the cloud" would react to the increased demand for resources and assign as much as needed.


  4. Miami Weiss

    Miami Weiss

    19 Jul 2009
    I want to win the lottery..?
    This isn't error reporting, it's having a pop.

    Damocles has one hell of a job which he does fantastically, do you know how to run a forum with such high traffic ?
  5. Project


    16 Jul 2007
    Honestly I think you are at the point where alternatives have to be seriously considered. If it's the forum software that doesn't scale, then move to software that does. I don't think anybody cares that much about having to start afresh. We can just reregister our old usernames. I look at other independent football sites like RAWK who have vastly more users and concurrent connections than Bluemoon but never so much as blink when something big happens with their club. That site is funded through donations and doesn't run ads. If that's what it takes to get the same level of performance then why not do it?

    And given the likelihood of where the club is going to be in the next few years the situation is just going to get even worse. Damocles is already having to donate a crazy amount of his time just to keep the place ticking. Surely this isn't sustainable in the long term?
  6. Careful Project, the full force of the Damocletian Empire will be unleashed against you if you persist in pointing out the obvious
  7. ManCityFC


    4 Jun 2008
    I have a few suggestions:

    1) Have you tried switching it off and on again?

    2) Have you tried this:

  8. A slow site, or even no site, is a price well worth paying for the privilege of Damocletian protection.
  9. Damocles


    14 Jan 2009
    Ok, you win.

    I'm out. I'll stop doing what I'm currently doing (which is load balancing, and allowing the spitting of General Errors at the cost of speed), and leave you to it. I'm far too busy to surrender my time doing this for dickheads like you.

    I'll be back when I'm less busy and can dedicate the time to do so. Next week, perhaps. This is not my idea of fun, and the amount of bitching that has gone on while I've been away has worn me down.
  10. fbloke


    26 Apr 2009
    Well said that man.

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