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29 Apr 2008
His guys have come squealing back to City in recent weeks after telling us last summer that England didn't interest him.

He's overplayed his financial hand in the Covid market and has suddenly decided England isn't off limits.

Funny that. Perhaps that ship has sailed for Pep and Txiki.

I hope not.

Yard Mendy for what we can get, offset those wages towards Alaba's, and rotate him with Zin.

Even if we miraculously got £25m for Mendy, it would be a start.

We have to also think where we will claw wages back elsewhere this summer.

I'd be surprised if we miraculously got £2.5m for Mendy.

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9 Jan 2009
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Are we linked with aouar? And no other striker?
i got an inkling last summer when his chairman said something regarding his possible transfer to arsenal, he mentioned a bid that would kick in this summer, think it suited them and us, im putting 2+2 together , if they add up to 4 great but I've no idea.someone also put a tweet up saying that we will definitely sign a midfielder this summer, again im putting 2+2 together

alaba makes sense on every level, so does messi, sell mahrez and mendy think it would be good business .

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20 Feb 2008
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You think there is a chance of Mahrez leaving this summer?

I do. Too many players existing or incoming this summer that will be able to play off the right.

He's on massive money and has two years left on his deal, this would be the summer to do it.

I have said elsewhere, can see him going abroad for £40m or maybe us using him as a makeweight for another player.

If we do want Kane, that would be a good start.

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