Death (not family/friends) impacted on you


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30 Nov 2020
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Reflecting on life and death, I was thinking about who's death had affected me most, excluding family and friends. I decided on two.

Firstly, although it may sound a bit David Brentish, I felt that the world was a vastly inferior place without Nelson Mandela in it and South Africa lost a significant part of its moral compass. An unbelievably courageous and forgiving man.

Secondly, although not as significant on a global level, Joe Strummer's death in 2004 hit me harder. We saw him with The Mescaleros in Manchester about a year earlier and although they were not The Clash, Joe was on top form. He died quite young and when I heard the news on the radio, I found it very hard to come to terms with. It certainly put a dampener on my mood that Christmas.

Anyway, they're my two.

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26 Nov 2010
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I'd probably say thatcher because when all the tributes came out (especially over here in the States) it was all gushing and praising.... i spent some time with quite a few friends and colleagues reliving the 80's detailing the miners strike, mass youth unemployment, flogging all the utilities back to the very people who already owned them..... Clause 28, Poll Tax, Football ID cards for fans, destruction of working class communities.....
It brought back a very strong dislike that I thought I'd locked away all these years....
I guess some scars still run deep......

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