Death (not family/friends) impacted on you


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7 Jul 2008
Listen, Can you smell something?
I think the one death that really caught me out and made me sit and think about my own mortality was when Arthur Fowler finally got released from prison but died of a brain haemorrhage only a few short days later.

I remember the M1 by me in Northampton being blocked for several hours as his funeral procession headed to his family home. Completely screwed over the whole local network for the day but it was a small price to pay for such a national treasure being given the burial he deserved.


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5 May 2008
I don't get upset at the person dying really, it is more missing their talent and the death brings back some nostalgic memories of why you liked that person in the first place.

Rik Mayall was a legend, as a kid knew him from Hogs of War, Drop Dead Fred, Bottom and the Young ones. A shame he went so soon.

A recent one I felt bad for was Paul Ritter, a talented man and a shame his innings have come to an end.

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