Dele Alli


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18 Jun 2009
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The Only Team in Manchester!
He has shown himself to have not matured into the kind of player people expected.

Not for nothing, but ALL OR NOTHING has shown him to be a lazy, stupid person, who talks about things 12 yr olds discuss, giggle about being called a lazy fucker, and living on his reputation as an up and comer.

Well, now he has to deliver, under pressure, consistently, at a top club, with a manager who has managed REAL players, and he has been found out. A flash here, a flash there, doesn’t cut it!

He is one of those players that will either realize his weaknesses and fix them or will drift lower and lower in football and keep taking whatever £££ he can grab along the way.

If he couldn’t play football, God knows what he could be....!
Spurs equivalent to that weasel, Lingard, at the swamp, except his boss, as much as I hate PEG, is a real manager.


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4 Jan 2020
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Man city
a massive reason i dont want dele ali is that hes english. they’re generally not good enough

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