Derby County - Rooney leaves with immediate effect (p69)


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11 Apr 2018
So many chancers out there asset stripping clubs yet we've been seen as the problem.
That’s the thing that bugs me ........ seems that folk are hell bent on going after City because there owners pumped money into the club while they turn a blind eye to probably 10 or more owners who are just out to rape the life out of certain clubs :( I mean Bury ffs that should have been stopped over 5 years ago .......... you could see where that was heading but sadly the FL just let it happen

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14 May 2012
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Steve Gibson needs to remember Tony Pulis was in charge 18-19 season, even if they had got in the playoffs they wouldn't have beaten Leeds or Villa in the final.

Reading have been deducted 6 points this season, why aren't Wycombe putting a cliam in against them as they took 3 points off them last season, which would have kept them up. Also if Derby had their points deducted last year who's to say we would have won the last game of the season, which meant we stopped up (ok that is strecthing it :)

If these 2 clubs win and get treated as preferential creditors it could be carnage for the EFL going forward.

QPR smashed FFP out of the water in 2014 to get promoted at the expense of Derby, should they be looking at a claim for that?

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6 May 2013
Another cracking article by Martin Samuel.

Derby are on the brink of extinction and have had 21 points deducted... isn't that ENOUGH now? Middlesbrough and Wycombe's lawsuits are based on playing fantasy football​

What stopped Middlesbrough becoming a Premier League club at the end of the 2018-19 season? Derby, apparently.

Not the six straight games they lost between March 9 and April 6. Not taking one point from a possible 21 at a crucial stage in the season. Not losing home and away to Nottingham Forest who finished ninth. Not losing at home to Bristol City (eighth), Sheffield Wednesday (12th) or Preston (14th).

No, it was all down to Derby, whose cheating of the EFL’s financial fair play rules — the ambition tax, as it should be known — meant that they claimed sixth place by one point from Middlesbrough, who came seventh, therefore missing out on the play-offs, which they no doubt would have won.

We come up later on, obviously.

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