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3 Jun 2009
Moston or The Etihad
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City of course!!
If the club is not sold within 12 days they will go into liquidation.

They have 2 court cases going on with Middlesbrough and Wycombe totalling £40M in unpaid fees to those clubs

Thats one of the reasons they cant find a buyer

The Light Was Yellow Sir

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10 Feb 2014
Down in the tube station at midnight.
Middlesbrough finished 7th in the season Derby finished 6th. They're claiming they would have been promoted if Derby were punished. Wycombe claiming they would still be in the championship if Derby were punished last season
Cheeky bastards. If they’d been good enough they’d have finished top 6 and then won the play offs. Same with Wycombe who actually got promoted via PPG last season. Both cases should be thrown out now, as the precedent it could set could be enormous. Not only that, but where are the useless EFL in all this?

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