Diego Lainez


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10 Jan 2009
He changed the game within minutes of coming on in the CONCACAF Final and put Mexico ahead with minutes to go. His cameo performance may have been revelatory, but it begs the question why he was on the bench for most of the game.

He may well be playing Europe soon, but not at City.


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3 Aug 2007
The Sunny Sarrrrf!
I didn’t know where to put this so I put it here but never intent to hurt your sensitive vagina .
In any case zero fuck given .
You had already mentioned him in the players who might improve us thread, along with the countless other players who wouldn't get near our squad.....so yes you are attention seeking ;)

Tugay One Cup

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5 Aug 2015
Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
Miazga looks a right idiot. Imo taking the piss out of a player because of their physical attributes borders on justifying a red card. Professional players should be held to a higher standard than amateurs. If they are willing to take huge wages, then they should act professional or fuck off imo.

He does that very US thing where they obnoxiously say one phrase or do the same gesture again and again and again and again until you just want to kick their fucking head in.

It's why I have to change the channel whenever there are two Americans arguing. Young chav girls do it as well.

Fuck I woke up in a bad mood.

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