Dinamo Zagreb (a) post-match thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by city saint, 11 Dec 2019.

  1. simon23


    27 May 2004
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    I'm open to people disagreeing about Gundogan....but people who resort to petty insults have their opinion weakened...
  2. Franknorgrovesnephew


    5 Nov 2016
    We were talking about mendy
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  3. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    I think most disagree with me on this, but I'd rather have Rodri growing to become the best he is destined to be than continue on the hope that Dihno can still find his best from a few years ago constantly. I don't think he can.

    In a few games here and there or over a short stretch of critical gsmes, Maybe.But over the course of a regular season? No. Not to mention in a well oiled team, Rodri is the better player.


  4. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    Only seen parts of the replay,
    but I'am happy with the team. Well done.
    They wanted to show responsibility after the shite derby display and did.
    Right now it seems we're doing a bit easier away from home.

    Glad to see...
    ...cracking Mendy crosses (ok, against a non-British defence),
    ... Rodri bossing midfield again,
    ... Jesus faking a finish, putting his man on the arse and easily netting at far post (great stuff!)
    ... Bernie going to the ground line and - right footed! - laying off to Phil
    ... Bernie winning the ball in our box
    ... Foden doing a great job (unsurprisingly)
    ... generally a high passing accuracy.

    Several good signs. Good team reaction.
    Do the same to Arsenal.

    Then we have to face deep sitting, physical, tall 9man defences again, giddy for the break and set pieces.
    We have tp prove we are also able to handle those teams better now, somehow, and win.
  5. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    I sort of Agree. But I'd rather him as one of the middle 3 and not on the wings.

    Part of the reason I like the Wingbacks idea is so we can increase our defenive speed by having our 3 quickest defenders on the field. Walker, Cancelo, and Mendy.

    But against less opponents, yes Berny for Cancelo. And us playing a 433 that looks like a 442 Daimond, with Bernado tucked in so Mendy can work the wings and Foden playing close to Gabby while Sterling goes right.
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  6. ZanteWeatherman


    2 Jun 2009
    Watching God's own team from "The Rock"
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    Noticed the Daily Fail said Otamendi at fault for their goal. Not in my opinion. Garcia was out of position so Ota had to come across leaving Cancelo with 2 men but it was too late.

    The elbow on Rodri was assault and fcuk the red card - he should have got jail time. Dinamo were all practicing their Neymar performances for the Christmas panto in Zagreb.

    Other than that, a fair night's work .... (looks like it's just me that thought Mendy was poor for most of the game)
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  7. Shaelumstash


    30 Apr 2009
    In fairness, it wasn’t a dead rubber for them, mate. It was being billed as “the game of the century” in Zagreb as they could qualify for the knockouts for the first time.
  8. gingerprince


    5 Oct 2007
    If you read my post the dead rubber comment only related to other city players in reviewing Fodens performance versus their performances. It was to benchmark his performance versus theirs. I was merely not being over positive in terms of Fodens performance versus them, as other factors maybe in play due to City not having to win or even draw the game. I was fully aware of the qualifying or not for the other teams in the group.

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  9. Gray


    30 May 2004
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    I feel that we have midfield covered for the foreseeable future - De Bruyne, Zinchencho, Bernado, Rodri, Sterling, Foden. Defence and attack less so though things will improve when Laporte returns and Cancelo settles in, Mendy showed signs last night that he might still do a job. I think Garcia can still improve which would be a bonus. We need to start sourcing replacements for Walker, Otamendi, D.Silva, Gundogan, Aguero and possibly Sane. Stones is a big worry as he just does not seem to have progressed.

    We can still put in stunning performances but we are having som unexpected bad days this season.
  10. BluessinceHydeRoad


    26 Mar 2012
    It was heartening to see City demolish the opposition comprehensively after the disappointment of the derby, but it didn't really answer the questions raised by Saturday's defeat and it didn't tell us anything we don't already know. We know City will destroy teams whose players are not as good as ours (nowhere near as good in this case) if they don't have pace and an ability to break quickly. If City can keep the ball and play a passing game there is only one outcome. City enjoyed almost unchallenged possession and could have had seven.

    What we also know is that City don't start too well, or at least have not for while, and are vulnerable in the early stages. Last night was no exception. The Zagreb goal was praised as brilliant but, in fact, it was and excellent finish rather than a brilliant goal. The goal came from a routine ball into the area which resulted in a goal only because Otamendi and Garcia were too far apart and runners had come through unmarked. These are recurring problems this season.

    Apart from that it was a very pleasing evening and I was glad to see Foden and Mendi in particular perform very well. A voice of caution, however, tells me it is hard to judge just how good a nigh it was because the opposition were so poor and had no plan for how they were going to play against us. We won't find any Dinamo Zagreb's in the top half of the PL.
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