Domain / DNS problems - Shopify/123-reg/Office365


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6 Sep 2009
I'm not really here
Can any computery people out there give me some advice?

I'm trying to set up Shopify to use my domain and also to use e-mail through Office 365, also with my domain. I originally bought the domain from

Yesterday, I had Shopify working. I successfully tested by buying and downloading a couple of products.

The I set up my e-mail with Office 365 and Shopify seems to have stopped working. Was it something to do with 'nameservers' and 'DNS' (whatever they are)?

Someone from 123-reg suggested, "You need to ask them [Microsoft] to create two A records. Once called @ and the other one called www . Both need to point to the IP address"

I don't know how to do this. Any help would be hugely appreciated.

I just want www.(my domain) to open my Shopify page and to use my e-mail through Office 365 using @(my domain)

Thanks in advance!

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