Douglas Luiz (signed for Villa)

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  1. Lovebitesandeveryfing


    28 Oct 2013
    Trautmann’s For Steel
    Thanks for that explanation, @domalino
    I absolutely couldn't understand this move at all, at first. What very clever boys they are up at the top running this club.
  2. decmancity


    7 Nov 2010
    Really looking forward to seeing him play if Smith gives him the chance, I watched a lot of Girona and it was tough for him. I hope Smith doesn't revert to the old guard and really does try and integrate him straight away.
  3. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    Good move from City.

    But hey, something is wrong. I'm not a lawyer but you don't need much knowledge to understand
    it's strange that the same player gets a work permit at one club (with low wages) and not at another club (high wages).

    For what reason exactly? What's the logic behind?
    What about the fundamental aspect of equal treatment?
    Is that even a kind of discrimination?

    I hope Home Office will have to answer some good questions to develope a system that's making sense, for THIS one doesn't.

    Bosman #2?
  4. ninjamonkey


    5 Jun 2009
    Makes sense. Getting nowhere near our squad work permit or not. This move gives him a shot in the premier league. Prove he can do it at Villa first then we’ll go from there. If he’s a dud he’s Villa’s problem and we move on with our money back. If he does well enough to earn a bigger move we can get a nice tidy profit whilst also having influence on any interest from potential rivals and in the unlikely even he turns into a world beater we’ve got ourselves a ready made dinho teplacement without spending big. This model is the way forward
  5. lionheart


    31 Aug 2008
    Greater Manchester
    Not such good business if the buy back clause is £25 million.
  6. Coatigan


    30 Jun 2019
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    Manchester City
    A year has passed, since we failed to get a work permit for him. City clearly thought we ourselves would have a better chance to get one this time under the 'exceptional talent' criteria, given his player of the tournament award and increased appearences in la liga, as reported that the club would try.

    I myself didn't believe this might be enough, just like you, but, i can see the logic in it, and if the club were willing to try, they'd surely know more.

    In addition, (domalino's post highlights this in more detail), the transfer fee value and wages offered come into the equation assessing this, and given Villa have a lower wage bill than us, his wages may well feature in a considerable percentage.

    They wouldnt both be going into this if they didnt consider it likely. The whole thing might be conditional on his work permit being granted, so let's see how it pans out.
  7. St.Pauli support

    St.Pauli support

    17 Feb 2010
    Err, you must have misread my post mate.
    I didn't ask the logic of this transfer but the rules of Home Office per se.
    Please read again.

    I do understand UK doesn't want to open the boarders for foreign workers
    but if a company has found a foreign expert who is unavailable in UK
    AND he can care for his daily life not short of money and anything else
    then why does he only get a work permit for company A if he would like to join company B instead at same terms?
    Isn't that obviously a system error?

    And further: if he gets the work permit and he joins company B next January, would he keep his work permit?
    But wouldn't that be circumventing the rules?

    There is fundamental problem in those regulations IMO: relative valuations of wages and transfer fees.
  8. Cobra


    21 Aug 2008
    It would be great business if it was £25 million. Presumably we’d only consider buying him back if he really impressed at Villa, so in theory it would only cost us £10 million. Villa aren’t going to spend £15 million on someone and risk losing him in a year or two for a couple of million in profit.
  9. peace frog

    peace frog

    9 Jan 2009
    best friend of rabin :)
    thanks @domalino
    This is actually a brilliant move by the club to get him a work permit, and the reasons are that a lot of the points in the appeals system are based on your importance to the club you join.

    The biggest difference maker will be his wages. Here are the possible points a player can get -

    3pts - Fee is in the top 25% of all PL transfers this summer.

    2pts - Fee is in the top 50% of all PL transfers this summer.

    3pts - The wages are in the top 25% at the club.

    2pts - The wages are in the top 50% at the club.

    1pt - The players current club is in a top league and he played 30% or more games.

    1pt - the players current club is in European competition and played 30% of games.

    At Villa, Luiz will probably be in the top 25% of earners, so that gets him 3pts straight away. You only need 4 points to get through so it's a game changer.

    He should get at least 1 for playing in a top league last year, and probably £15m will be in the top 50% of transfers, so that'll be 2.

    Which would give him 6 points. At City he'd only get 1 - for playing fir Girona.
  10. dhruvblue


    7 Jan 2018
    If he plays well,we get him for what €25m on buy back and if not we have already made small profit.Hopefully he does well and we get to replace him for Gundogan as good back up player

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