Dusan Vlahovic


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16 May 2019
He’s incredibly good at that. You rarely see him bullied and he is extremely strong so can shield the ball. I really cannot think of a player we’ve had in recent years that he actually resembles. Dzeko was technically better and cleverer, but you always got the impression he hadn’t broken sweat in a game and there was no need to wash his shirt. Vlahovic is more blood and thunder and seems to relish being the focal point of the attack. The strange thing is I could have seen him as the perfect replacement at Spurs for Kane, had he joined us, but I just don’t have the same feeling for Vlahovic straight to us.
Thats rthe sort of option we dont have right now, especially with his height. Id love the option in the squad. I would say throw Delap in there, but I know Vlahovic was throw into senior football at 16 so it definitely ahead on the development stage if differing potential levels.

Already got the Grealish celebration down..
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