Ederson and Jesus cleared to play (Pg 63)

dickie davies

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25 Sep 2010
Flat earth & I'm a c*nt (says @ LongsightM13)
So lets get this right , if the players had joined their international squads they would have missed the game because they would have to self isolate for ten days , and when they return from an amber country would then miss another ten days for their club.
The alternative is the players choose not to go and take the five day ban , the Brazil F.A. are f*cking idiots and FIFA are just as culpable , the pandemic quite obviously changes any laws or bans regarding the FIFA five day rule , the clubs should tell FIFA to fuck off and see you at CAS in a couple of years time , or even better all the premier league clubs should refuse to send their players for the next international game and see how Brazil like that.
A Brazilian citizen doesn't need to quarantine for ten days when entering Brazil, but non Brazilians who have been in the UK do
So in fact Brazil was excluding any Argentina players who had recently been in England, gaining an advantage

Anyone returning from Brazil to the UK has to isolate for ten days no matter what


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3 Jan 2009
Personally, I would play them and dare FIFA to try to stir the pot.

I think the club will try to play nice but Steffen getting COVID really puts us in a bind. Leicester are a good side capable of beating us regardless of who is in goal.


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19 Oct 2010
Surely the answer to all of this is stop playing these f*****g internationals for a season.
Players are employees of the clubs,clubs pay their wages,the end.

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