EDS vs Derby

Alan Harper's Tash

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12 Dec 2010
I know it's only £2/month but you can't charge people for this level of service, the matches are either not being shown or the streams just broken half the time or won't play sound etc, it surely doesn't take much to do these things properly for a professional organisation of this magnitude
Don’t even appear on my tv, have to watch it on the iPad.


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4 Nov 2008
Been looking forward to watching this. What a completely glib explanation, are they really saying they didn't know there were going to be problems with this broadcast until it was time for kick off? 2nd match running I have had problems and been through all the uninstall/reinstall/log in nonsense to try and resolve. Not received an apology yet about the first game despite writing to them. Yes it's cheap but its bloody theft if they have no intention of delivering their end of the contract. Ramstv used to show these games FOC not any more it seems. Considering their financial difficulties surprised they are streaming anything

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