EFL (Carabao Cup) Draw. (Preston Away)


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17 Nov 2015
It's not that ... he not only likes the cups and want to win everything there is possible because he is a serial winner but going long in cups gives a chance to keep everyone in the squad happy as well.

Mendy when fit will come in then we'd have three left backs ... Zinchenko plays now but might be second choice when Mendy returns ... then we have Angelino too.

On the right, Walker is now no. 1, what about Cancelo, he will play not kids ... by the time later rounds come, then Walker might be second choice by then ... then what? He doesn't play?

Go on to all positions ... Mahrez or Bernardo? Silva or Foden? KdB or Gundo? Aguero or Jesus?

We have enough senior players on sidelines to come in for cup games that's how it will be ... there will be one or two young guys (Garcia and Foden) but even them both are in first team now and not really academy or EDS team members ... so that'd be that ... and that's why we'd go all the way in both domestic cups this season again!
Yes, great point. But I'm thinking more in the centre half position. We seem to be cursed at the minute and really can't afford anything happening to Stones and Otta (however they played on Sat) Just in panic mode now because I just think if anything could go wrong with injuries, it recently has.

west didsblue

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2 Oct 2011
the P and N blocks have become available today,they were showing as sold out last thursday,there are currently 4 blocks to purchase but i dont know how many tickets available in each block
107 in L
6 in Wheelchair L
3 in N
3 in P
48 in R
Total 167
That's assuming the ticketing system works as I think. It probably doesn't.

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