Emma Hayes leaving Chelsea end of season

These quadruple things - easy to talk about seemingly harder - much harder - to actually win
Almost all of the public talking about the quadruple came from outside CFCW. Even when they did speak about it publicly it was in response to questions rather than a self-initiated statement. If staff and squad did talk about it internally, as a goal, what's wrong with that? Ask Gareth Taylor tomorrow what his aim for next season is and he will tell you that he wants to win every trophy that's available. What else would he say? What else should he want?

If some time in March next year, City find themselves in the final of one competition, in the semi-final of two others, and sitting top of the league, I'd bet big money that we'll read the word quadruple in here. Most of the comments will be hopeful but realistic. A few however will be bullish. That's just the way things are.
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