Encountering Non-City football players / staff in everyday life


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5 Jan 2008
About 10 years ago I was in Wings having a meal with about ten others one Saturday evening early on when the entire rags squad came in. Tranny, Granny shagger, Ferdinand, scholes... All of them when they had a half decent team many years ago! They'd been at home that day so must have come straight from the swamp

A couple of the people I was with were rags so got very excited and got talking to a few of them

Gary Neville was running round organising them all, proper busy c*nt

Van Nistellroy seemed like a really sound bloke and was having a good old chat and laugh with my rag pals. Giggs seemed like an arrogant ignorant tosser. I was having a piss and Rooney came in and stood next to me. He's a midget!! He let rip with the biggest fart I've ever heard the dirty scouse twat!!

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