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26 Nov 2010
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10 Jan 2009
As a general rule going forward, I think we will find that there are literally millions of boys who have been abused by male adults with some level of authority or status over them.

The story is as old as man.

It is only recently that we have turned away from the unwritten victims “rule” of, “say nowt and get on with it!”

Public schoolboys were renowned for it, and many many of the people in authority trod those halls.

Additionally, with the Church being the supposed “ultimate authority” over many sheep, it almost writes itself that the supposedly celibate shepherds would get their jollies behind the figurative wall whilst out in the fields away from view.

Men have always carried the burden of showing strength in the face of all challenges. It was almost a free pass for abusers to use that against them, all with the implied threats of “nonce” and “weakling,” before you even consider the power balance often in place.

None of this forgives egregious behavior. NONE OF IT! But, when it’s prevalent and almost risk-free, it’s (depraved) human nature to push the boundaries.

And, lest anyone be left in any doubt about my feelings of sex abusers (of both men and women), I’d cut their knackers off!

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