Erling Haaland


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27 Mar 2011
Raiola as to much say with his players. Who knows if Haarland wants City now or a different challenge before he comes to us. The pessimist in me, says Haarland won't stay at his next club for more than 4-5 years. Especially if its not us

1) Raiola is not Haaland's agent, Alf is. Raiola is only on board to handle the big move up the ladder.

2) Raiola only moves clients who want to move, like any other agent. That's it.


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30 Jun 2019
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Manchester City
Every chance up until the point when he tells Txiki and Pep he doesn't want to sign for City but instead wants to go to Chelsea.

I would be shocked if we pull out of any deal for anything other than that the lad doesn't want to join. This isn't the first time when the bright lights of London have caught a player and it won't be the last.

Unless of course, Pep doesn't rate Haaland that much and has decided Kane is the man for the job. Look at all the bollocks going on with Donnarumm and Raiola, perhaps Khaldoon has made the decision we are not going to be party to any circus every summer.

And if that is true, great, trust thd club either way.

I just don't think it is, or certainly have seen nothing yet to even suggest let alone take for granted it is.


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31 May 2016
It means that he scores plenty of goals against some of the best teams on the planet, not just against "farmers".
Genk , Brugge , Zenit , Seville , Napoli all the best teams in Europe lmao. I’d argue only decent teams he’s scored against is Liverpool and Paris

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