Erling Haaland

I'm Blue

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24 Aug 2009
Despite your views, the club think differently, why do you think that might be?
We’re smoking crack?
The truth is we don’t actually know what the club thinks, only hearsay.
Last night there were posts suggesting that there may be some truths in the £160m sun story and then this morning the club have said that they ain’t paying near £160m for a player, Kane, Haaland or whoever (allegedly)
We might well end up without Haaland or Kane with the silly prices being banded about.
From the month or so since the Kane story broke we still seem to at Levy still wants £150m for Kane.
Whether that be £150m cash, £130m plus addons to take it to £150m or a player and £100m.
It will be complete madness.


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24 Jan 2010
The only thing stopping this deal will be money.
“He doesn’t want to come here”
“Not while Riola is his agent”
Nonsense, he’s already said we are one of 6 clubs he wants to join, so that’s not quite not wanting to come here.
We’ve had a meeting with his representatives, the great European tour, so why did we bother even enquiring if Riola was his agent?
Again nonsense.
It all went quiet when Dortmund said they wanted £150m, paper talk of him wanting £500k a week and Riola wanting a huge chunk of cash.
Pep saying he’s too expensive for us.
The same way “we aren’t paying £160m for a player” stories that have broke this morning with regards Harry ’the jogger’ Kane.
Hopefully if we aren’t prepared to pay the figures it’ll take to get Haaland, then we ain’t paying them for kane either.
Haaland would improve our team for the next 5-10 years, goals, speed, power and strength and would be a great fit.
Kane on the other hand I don’t believe would be a good fit, he’ll get goals but would slow us down and looking at him I think he’ll be done in 3 years at most.
If we really are prepared to pay £130m on Kane, then we should push the boat out and get the younger and better fit.
Haaland will likely stay at Dortmund, unless they get a ridiculous offer (isn't happening because everyone knows of the "release clause" next season)
Dortmund have just done us a favour selling Sancho to them lot.
The auction next summer will likely be wage and bonus related

ayia napa blues

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25 Apr 2009
Nissi beach
Even at the quoted price it still won’t be cheaper, but there won’t be much in it.
In terms of price that is, though one seems much better value long term.
Its crazy ain't it the majory of the fan base will be disappointed if we sign someone at almost if not more than double our previous transfer record we should be buzzing.

I domt want kane at any price but be happy to be proved wrong

If we are to get kane surely would be erling going bayern then and it 3 years time when kane is done go for erling And a move to epl

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