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23 Aug 2021
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Personally I think your just making assumptions, we don't know where Haaland wants to go, maybe he isn't sure himself at this time?

There were reports he had decided he would like to stay at Dortmund one more year for his development, Chelsea wanted a striker now and weren't prepared to leave it to chance in a year's time. He won't be short of offers from all the leading clubs and he will be able to choose.

Unfortunately our club doesn't like to bid for players when they have not said they only want us.
I desperately want us to sign Haaland. Around the time we played Dortmund this spring it was looking like Haaland was our first option and that Haaland himself was interested in us.

Shortly afterwards Raiola did his grandstanding move in Spain with Barca/Real, followed up with Chelsea also going in and Haaland's team listening to them. City's interest seemed to go quiet from that point on focusing solely on Kane.

It's been said plenty of times here that we don't like when our targets also negotiate with other clubs. So I'm wondering if that means we're just out on Haaland going forward or if we put on our big boy pants and still try to make a deal happen sometime between now and the end of the next summer window.


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6 Jul 2005
He’ll go where Railoa will get his cash. Likely Madrid next season, along with Pogba.


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27 May 2004
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Thanks for the long post, it does clear some of my questions up, can you show the list of 37 players for me to review please. Fingers crossed we get Haaland :)
it was the list i posted previously. I had to screen shot them abd the site wont let me upload more than 5 screenshts at a time (hence they were poste across a number of posts).....on the lists of incomgin transfers were some all the players that also never play for city but just get farmed out...but I didnt include those....i just included those that have been in or aroundthe first the number of 37 is open to slight interpritation as well but it will be close to that.


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8 Jul 2015
We need to be aggressive and go for him in January. Get the jump on our rivals and pay 100 mil or whatever Dortmund want. I would imagine Dortmund would be open for a sale in January as they will be miles off Bayern by then

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