Erling Haaland


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21 Aug 2014
Of course he will go to a rival,one that isn't bothered about destroying their wage structure.
I don't see City doing it,to be honest.
I'd take him in a heartbeat,but don't see our hierarchy thinking the same...just opinion.
Sadly I agree, I can't see us getting involved in a wages/agent fee auction.


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23 Sep 2021
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The sad thing about this is that Haaland would be exactly what we need. He would offer us the goals to be unstoppable and we'd offer him a style of play which can help him to score a shit tone of goals and break all the records. It would be a perfect marriage !
I know he could be convinced to join us , the problem is we probs wouldnt want to pay the money needed to snatch him, but it wouldnt be impossible to convince him to join. Im quite certain he would score more goals with us than with Real or Psg.


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1 Sep 2011
Sadly I agree, I can't see us getting involved in a wages/agent fee auction.

This isn't about City. Haaland will go to whatever club he wants. If Haaland clicks his fingers the deal with City happens. He holds all the cards and all the top sides in Europe will try to convince him of their project, City included.


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2 Feb 2015
Think it’s a bit unfair to say he will go to the highest bidder.

I think Mino is going to get him the best deal he can at a number of clubs, no doubt pushing and playing one of against another.

Ultimately, then Haaland will decide.

Our offer will be a very good offer, we will be fully aware how good he is and the obvious hole in the team.

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20 Feb 2008
Waiting for Axelrod to return...
If I'm Mino, I'm telling him to join City for a mountain of cash and sign up for six years.

After four years make it clear he won't be signing an extension, so he's happy to sit tight in year five unless a club comes forward he likes and City still get some decent wedge back.

Otherwise, he is happy to wait out the contract and get his move to Madrid at the grand old age of 27 and a wheelbarrow signing on fee.

During the interim, we have had six years out of him and probably two Champions Leagues and another three Prem Titles at least.

Everyone's a winner!

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