Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

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1 Sep 2016
Great Britain, Greater Manchester
Spurs fans great tonight. But singing the same 4 songs over and again.
And all about Spurs. None of their funky little awayday ditties and players chants were sung at any point. That’s what makes a good home atmosphere. Songs that everyone in the stadium knows and loves. The classics.

Leeds are the same, great atmosphere there, but no more than about half a dozen songs to eight songs all about Leeds.

At City we’ve got this obsession of singing away day chants or alternative player chants that six people on a minibus made up and posted on Twitter six months ago and only a handful of people know about it and 95% of the stadium haven’t got a clue what the words are and never ever spread outside a block and a half of SSL1.

SSL3 have really highlighted this in the Liverpool Madrid and Newcastle games where SSL1 are singing something that nobody is ever going to join in with around the ground, SSL3 have belted out a City classic and the whole stadium joins in.

I know I keep posting this list, but if SSL1 solely sung these songs over and over again, we’d have a hugely better atmosphere:
Blue Moon
City City, The Best Team In The Land And All The World
City, We’re From Manchester
(Go West)
We Love You City
We’re The Pride Of Manchester
Oh Man City, The Only Football Team To Come From Manchester
Na na na na na na na na City
City ’Til I Die
We All Follow Man City, Over Land And Sea
Oh When The Blues Go Marching In
You Are My City
We are City from Maine Road

We’ve arguably had the best away fans in the country this season, but away and home atmospheres are very very different things.


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22 Aug 2021
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Manchester City
I didn’t contribute much last 30 minutes but fair play to those that did.

I thought even at 2-0 down there was a big roar from the crowd to keep going.

I was sat sulking mind you!

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