Everton at home

Wafty Cranker

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31 Mar 2006
What's the deal with this fixture? Does anyone know when it is or is likely to be?



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7 Nov 2008
David Silva's Wardrobe
don't know when it is, but it's more likely to be a night game as the original date was, i think it works like that

could be played anytime really, a week the cups on and maybe were both out (i hope not) or a week where everton arent in the europa league.

personally i think there will just be a night were both teams will agree to play it, not sure if it has to be played within a certain amount of weeks after the original date.

Dyed Petya

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2 May 2007
It will be midweek unless we and they both get knocked out of the FA Cup in the New Year and can schedule it for a weekend when the 4th, 5th or 6th round of the Cup is due to be played so there are no Prem fixtures. (Just as the Pompey away game last season, postponed in January, was played in February on FA Cup 5th round day).

The only potentially available weeks before the turn of the year are Carling Cup dates in the event that we and they both get knocked out before the quarter finals. All the other midweek dates are out because they clash with either their Europa Cup games, with international fixtures or immediately precede international fixtures. So if either we or they make it to the Carling Cup QF, then it won't be played until New Year.


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5 May 2009
vincent said:
Gwladiator said:
Looking forward to this one.

good result for your boys today. must be a big relief.

Sure was and easily could have won by 5 or 6, I think that'll be out customary bad start over with, focus on catching Spurs and Villa now.

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