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3 Jan 2019
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Until they address the management structure of the club and stop Moshiri and Kenwright sticking their noses in nothing will change. Moshiri is star stuck and clearly doesn't know much about football signing celebrity managers if Martinez gets the job it will be another example of it Might have the best stadium in Div2 (old numbers)

Strong rumours that he was the one to sign Iwobi when we couldnt get Zaha. He's just signed El Ghazi too on the reccommendation of his mate Joorbachian, when Benitez clearly didnt want him. This is what we are dealing with.

Yes its his club and he's pumped in stupid money but its not Football Manager, he needs to butt out and bring a top football person in to run the club day to day while he's in Monaco. Instead we have Bill surrounding himself with old boys, trying to stay in power making all day to day decisions.

Considering the club is world class with the non football EITC stuff, they are horribly run the football side.

If we appoint Martinez we are going down, im convinced. If we go down, we will be another Sunderland

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1 Oct 2014
The problem we had from the beginning is the structure and lack of a plan/long term vision. All the money in the world doesnt help if the structure isnt there. We have DoF's, managers, the chairman and owner all having a say in transfers. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The succession of managers have been poor choices, all different personalities and styles. They sign players they want then it doesnt work. The next manager doesnt fancy them and signs his own, then that doesnt work. Rinse and repeat.

We need proper football people in top positions and the owner needs to get a DoF in and let him do his job without interfering. The manager needs to be in effect a coach, but with the same vision as the DoF.

To me, these arnt the worst bunch of players in terms of ability, think they are just low on confidence and mentally not the strongest. We need a manager to get a great team spirit and get the players fighting for him. Martinez isnt that
Aye, they're a bit of a ragtag bunch but even the idea of a relegation scrap should be unthinkable. There's a lot of untangling of knots to be done at the club, though, it looks from the outside in like a proper mess.


5 Dec 2008
Everton approach Martinez to takeover on an interim basis.

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29 Dec 2007
Martinez? They already fired him once. He's useless.

It gets better, he wants Thierry Henry as assistant - he lasted about 7 games at Monaco. Dumb and Dumber.


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7 Nov 2010
Lots of clamour from the usual media wankers to give it to Rooney, 5 minutes experience in the championship and that qualifies you to go head to head with pep, klopp et Al? It would be OLE X 2 and we all know how it will end.
They should go for potter z plays football and has cut his teeth in the prem.
I dont think should be concerned if Rooney can go head to head with Pep, they need someone who can go head to head with Dean Smith and Eddie Howe!

tbf to rug head he has managed to do something with Derby because they are getting points and aren't even bottom of the league despite about 20 odd point deduction.

The best choice for Everton would be Lampard, I think he could inspire the likes of Calvert-Lewin and so on just enough to get them away from the bottom 3. He won't be any good long term but id be throwing a few million at him for 6 mths work!

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