FA Cup 4th Round Draw | Tottenham (A) | Fri 26th Jan, 20:00

Same issues as everyone, but kept going back and refreshing and somehow slipped through to get ours. Big deal as mostly been to lesser games but the lad asked for some bigger games last year and we got lucky more than once. This is the first big away though :-)
I had both my phone and laptop on it, kept pressing F5 on the laptop and managed to eventually get one, the phone didn’t work.
Just looked back and it was you who I arrogantly said "No chance" to when you said we'd sell out.

I humbly offer you my place amongst the Seat Counter Elite. I'm clearly stuck in Likkle City mode.

thank you, i still look up to you as an elite seat counter, we have been too long without empty seats, it's took it's toll

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